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What’s the latest news for multiplayer strategy games? I’m glad you asked:

There’s more info about Civ World over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. They even have a video that shows the actual game! I’m getting excited.

Next, Inside Social Games reports about Russian Strategy game King’s Bounty coming to Facebook. I’ve never actually played King’s Bounty, but apparently it’s a precursor to Heroes of Might and Magic. There’s a great quote in the article, that “the key… is making chess appeal to checkers players”. I definitely find that a better strategy than “let’s make different coloured checkers”, as seems to be the norm for Facebook games.

Speaking of turn-based strategy combat, Final Fantasy Tactics is coming to iPhone! I’ve actually been waiting for this ever since I got my phone. FFT is one of the best strategic combat games and one of my all-time favourite games in general, and it’s turn-based pace makes it great for the iPhone. Square has already ported several Final Fantasy games to iPhone, so I’m glad they’re finally getting around to Final Fantasy Tactics.


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