Ikariam 0.4.3

free browser game ikariam

Let’s end the week with a little Ikariam news. They’re putting out a new version, Ikariam 0.4.3. In the past, updates to the game have come under a lot of heat for going counter to player wishes. The last major change reworked the espionage system, which was great, but also added a myriad of new ways for players to “buy their way” to the top. The biggest change in this version is that they are separating Ports from Cities.

One of the great features in Ikariam is that players have an Army and a Navy that opperate independently of each other. This opens a lot of strategic potential in the game. Previously, whenever your army locked down a City, its port was blocked as well. However, now they have moved the port separately, so even if an enemy is occupying your city, your navy can prevent their reinforcements from ariving. It’s a small change, but a good one. The rest of the change are rather minor. Some bug fixes, a 24 hour delay on leaving alliances, tweaks to rebllion, etc. Oi, talking about it makes me want to play. I think I’ll go check in on my Empire…


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