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Gamasutra recently posted an interview with Civ World’s associate producer Tiffany Nagano. Civ World, of course, is Civilization for Facebook. Now, there is a lot of wasted text; they spent half the article saying, and repeating “It’s Civilziation, but on Facebook!” There were a couple of nice insights though.

Sid Meir himself is intimatele involved
“Sid [Meier]’s doing all the gameplay code, similar to how he did Civ Rev, so this is his game through and through,”. That’s defintiely some good news. However, after the great job that newcomer Jon Shafer did with Civ V, it doesn’t really tell us much, other than that the game won’t suck.

These Will be Short Games
“Each game of Civ World will feature approximately 200 players and run for about two weeks, in a ‘persistent game world’ where players can team up to form their own Civs with strangers and friends — and then battle other players’ Civs.” This is one of the key differences between Civilziation and your average online strategy game. Most OSG’s, including those on Facebook, involve thousands of players all in the same game world that lasts for at least months, if not indefinitely.

This also plays to the difference in time commitment. Most OSG’s are played over short periods of time, whereas Civ has been known to eat lives. It seems like they’re sticking to that ‘one more turn’ forumala, but how will Facebook’s very casual audience respond to it? Or, will this finally convince more serious gamers to create a Facebook account?

Multiple Players Will Fall Under a Single Civ
“Even if you aren’t necessarily the most social, you can still contribute to the group. There are [also] options — you don’t have to join a Civ if you don’t want to, but it does mean that you won’t get the benefits of working with other people. So the really advanced players end up taking on leadership roles, helping out people who are either new to the game or whose play style’s a little more casual.”

This to me is very interesting. As you know I’ve been playing a lot of Clash of Kingdoms (and infact now I’m on another sever where Tao is kicking butt!), and what really makes the game for me is the fact that you have dozens of players all in a single Kingdom. If Civ World is taking that same strategy, well, I may find myself addicted to yet another game.


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  • I would be so happy if this is like a expanded version of Clash of Kingdoms with in-depth economy and technology options so that we can enjoy more teamwork (like, some people focus on their sim city and some focus on killing!)

    ……And being on facebook probably means there will be a lot more players!

  • Very interested in seeing how the fb crowd endorses what seems to be the first somewhat persistent real osg on fb…

    keep us posted :)


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