You Know You’ve Been Playing Too Much When…

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As promised, it’s time for another contest! This one will be much easier / quicker. All you have to do is post a comment filling in this sentence: “You know you’ve been playing ____ too much when…” Insert your favourite online strategy game into the blank, finish it off, and you’re done. At the end of the week (next Friday) I’ll pick my favourite and the winner will get 10 USD of virtual currency for their game. Entries will be judged based on humour, cleverness, applicability, and, most importantly, how much I like them. Feel free to enter as many times as you want! I’ll start with a few entries of my own.


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  • You know you’ve been playing Ikariam too much when you’re packing to move and think about trade ships.

  • You know you’ve been playing Evony too much when you ask your girlfriend to address you as “my lord”.

  • You know you’ve been playing Cityville too much when you bring an umbrella on a sunny day, just in case coins and hearts start falling from the sky.

  • I am not pitching in, but I wanted to add a line.
    You know you’ve been searching for a suitable OSG too much when you browse OSG1 twice the frequency it updates.

  • You know you’ve played Aloriah too much when you look at your girlfriend and wonder how her resistances are specced and if you will be able to attack her 1B lifepoints…

  • You know you’ve been playing Antzzz too much when you see an ant on the sidewalk and wonder if it’s one of yours.

  • You know you’ve been playing Antzzz too much when see an insect and wonder how many ants would it tak to defeat it.

  • I hope it’s not too late! You know you play Clash of Kingdoms too much when get home and ask your family if they’ve donated to the Landmarks

  • Okay, the contest has come to a close. And the winner is… Tororin for “You know you’ve been playing Antzzz too much when you see an ant on the sidewalk and wonder if it’s one of yours.”

    I’ll contact you soon about your prize. Indrif came in second, being very close to winning currency for his own game. Honestly I thought I’d have more entries than this. I guess this contest just shows I know nothing about blog promotion. Well, I already knew I know nothing, but now you know it too!


    • Thank you for choosing me as the winner! If it would be up to me your line “call me my lord” would be the winner, but that’s just me :)

      If I may suggest something – the best blog promotion for you right now IMHO would be at least one blog post a day. Doesn’t have to be a big one, just a good one. It would bring more people then contests.

  • I know the contest is officially over and this game reference doesn’t necessarily fit the category but it popped into my head while reading the other comments so I felt compelled to share it…

    You know you’ve been playing Fallout 3 too much when you ask your pharmacist what aisle the Stimpaks are in!

    Love this site by the way! Thanks for your efforts, Oliver!

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