mmo strategy browser game exoplanet

First, an official congratulations to Ramdas for winning the MMO City Contest! Also a big thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who voted! I hope to be doing another similar contest soon.

I just stumbled across Targa Limited’s new game, Exoplanet War. From the screenshots it looks very much like Imperion, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give it a try. It doesn’t hurt that the space orc chick is hot.

mmo strategy browser game clash of kingdoms battle

Even though it seems hopeless, I’m still checking in on my Clash of Kingdoms account. We’re down to just the capital now, but luckily we still have a lot of troops Shao will have to cut through if they want to finally wipe us off the map. OF course, had all these troops been there to help us on the front instead of inactive, maybe we wouldn’t be in such a dire position to begin with.

mmo strategy browser game exoplanet

I saw this video and thought it was amazing. The Mario part is pretty small, but I’m still really interested in parkour. I’d want to try it, if I wasn’t so out of shape. Maybe I’ll try to start exercising when I finally get back to Edinborough, which will be next week! In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for building empires and commanding legions of troops to crush my enemies :)


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