Koram and the Clone Game

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It’s been a big day for Koramgame. First, they released an update to Clash of Kingdoms, “Spoils of War v1.2“. They also introduced a new game, Athanaton, which turns out to be a clone of Batheo and Warflow…

First, the good news. The update to Clash of Kingdoms looks prett cool. Aside from the pretty girl in the funny hat, they’ve also introduced Legion-based Research, which will make being part of a good Legion a much bigger / better part of the game. Clash of Kingdoms does such a good job of making the player feel part of a team with the “Kindgoms”, but until now the Legions have been rather unnecessary and little more than a way to keep track of active vs inactive members. These new features should fix that, though now we’ll need a new way to keep track of active / inactive members 😛

Next, the new game, Athanaton, which is being released in Italian. Unfortunately, it is just a clone of Batheo (yes, the same Batheo which I just caught stealing art!). Oddly enough, it seems the majority of what was changed from Batheo to Athanaton, aside from translation, is the background art.

free mmo rpg browser game batheo

free mmo rpg browser game athanaton

Here’s where it gets interesting. Clash of Kingdoms has a bunch of “mini-games” you can play to win resources or whatnot for the main campaign. Personally I think there’s too many of them, but nonetheless. The new update adds one more that looks very much like Athanaton:

free mmo rpg browser game athanaton

free mmo rpg browser game clash of kingdoms

Similar screens can also be seen in both Batheo and Warflow. So, I’m not sure what to think. On the one hand I really do like Clash of Kingdoms. On the other hand, I hate to see them canibalizing other games, especially rather lame ones like Warflow.


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