Barbarians Coming to Stone Age Kings

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Stone Age Kings is realsing a big patch later this month that introduces some NPC competitors to the game. It seems very similar to Travian’s Natars, though as far as I know Stone Age Kings doesn’t have an end game.

Definitely NPC players can be a huge plus, especially for some of the smaller games. It’s an interesting paradox that some of the larger games are so fun because there are so many people playing and competing. Newer games can often seem “lifeless” because there aren’t so many players. And of course there aren’t many players because when people first try the game it seems lifeless, so they go back to Travian or Ikariam.

However, Stone Age Kings doesn’t seem to have that problem. According to the world info for the English servers, they have 22k and 11k players, which is more than enough to keep things interesting. Anyway, if you were looking for a reason to check out Stone Age Kings, here’s your chance. At the very least do yourself a favour and go see the full image on their post about the Barbarians. There’s a pretty brilliant skull ‘n chain.


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  • Now released in English version some gamers (not many) are checking out this visually fun and simple browser game

    This game has a TINY population. to its detriment im afraid to say. From personal experience and observing others (avoid the chat in this game!) it is clear to see an unfriendly anti-newb atmosphere exists.
    The game is also seriously over-moderated by players given “mod” powers to oversee the servers they play on themselves. creating many cases of favouritism and frankly, corruption.
    cliques have formed early on in English lang servers and unfortunately the game is very hostile to new players.
    Anyone that doesn’t have a friend that is a mod or a huge account already in this game should look for another.
    there are many free browser games that surpass SKA for new players joining and a better atmosphere and game experience.

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