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One of the great things about online strategy games is that they keep evolving. Travian, Ikariam, and Aloriah are all making updates.

Ikariam recently released an update that gave paying players a bigger advantage. One of my biggest complaints about Ikariam is that I had all this money I wanted to spend, but ran out of things to purchase. The folks at Gameforge fixed that right up though. They added an extra city slot to every island that can only be settled by paying Ambrosia. You can also pay to boost your population faster.

This really seems like a bad move to me. These features are not very useful, but are very visibile. Ikariam is drawing a lot of attention to spending Ambrosia, but probably won’t increase their profits much with this. Obviously all of these games have to monetize somehow, and I really don’t mind dropping some coin on a game I enjoy if the price is right. But at the same time, I don’t want to spend my coffee breaks playing a comercial for Ambrosia.

Ikariam is also putting out a slimmer mobile page soon. Unfortunately, wifi is rather rare in Ukraine, so I wont’ be able to take advantage of that.

In more positive news, or at least more mysterious, Travian has a big announcement, but they’re not saying what it is yet? Travian Tales has (slightly) more info. Also, the Aloriah patch which I previewed earlier, should be coming out sometime this week.



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  • Patch 1.004 for Aloriah has now been released with the new graphics and all the new content! We have also been discussing new servers but at the moment we are not going to start a new server. Keep an eye out in the Aloriah forum for more information about this!

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