MMO City Contest: Ramdas

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The Evil City of Dermont!
– By Ramdas

Evil is way of life, a way to live one’s life. In my Molten Ashland village Dermont we live by that philosophy. My close proximity to the great Mother Dragon makes it a great place to harness the power of the Mother Dragon for Evil. To obtain this goal I have made an alliance with other great nation of Midgard; called Ragnarök, together we will attack and kill the Mother Dragon. We are all considered part of the biggest and strongest empires to exist on Midgard. Yet my true goal is to harness the power of the Mother Dragon in order to become even greater than my Gods of evil. Those foolish evil Gods think I work for them, they could not even begin to conceive I work only for myself. The power of the Mother Dragon will belong solely to me, MWHAHAHAHA!

A tour around my evil Empire of Dermont shows my ideals. Dermont was named so after the last ruler who when I killed became a King demon who is forced to follow my every command. In the village we have a fountain of slaughter in which I bath in allowing the female slaves to wash me in all that is evil. The fountain of slaughter contains the blood of enemies, traitors, those deemed incompetent like my last advisor, and those who just plain out annoy me. Next we have my wall made out bones and flesh of soldiers both mine and the enemies.

We also have a nice moat of fire that you can bath in; we have what is considered the hottest hot spring in the world you will be literally cooked alive. The empire of Dermont also has 8 mines in which I very graciously employ the low peasants of the world with some sort of entertainment they get to work instead of having to be with their miserable families. In fact they get to work all the time with only 5 minutes a day to eat. They are the backbone of my empire allowing me the resources to kill my enemies and untie this world so I can become the supreme leader needed for Midgard MWAHAHAHAHA!

Next let me show you our item shop they sell blood organs basically anything your little heart desires and if you don’t pay they will graciously take your little heart as payment. Next to the item shop is the item treasury which hold the items of all the people who have graciously handed me trophies of gratitude when I liberated their villages from the foolish ideals their leaders possessed. There is also a ruin stone of warfare so that my people will know that the true way to unite the world is through war the best diplomacy is war and complete control, which brings us to m rune stone of control. It allows me to control more mines and makes it harder for fools to steal from me. I hold my resources precious to me those who are the richest get the most in life after all.

In the center of my village lies an Evil Uber Lair in which to ask the foolish Gods of evil for their divine blessing. They think I pray their so called “greatness”; in all honesty I just want their power! I also possess three barracks, two animal circles, and two taverns in order to maximize my total max population so I can liberate the resources and people of more villages from the idea that playing nice solves all the worlds’ issues. There is a warehouse that has high security to protect the resources I “liberated”. Two watch towers look over my village to warn me and any fools foolish enough to approach my village. I have a garrison in which I hide troops to make a surprise attack on enemies and a poison and fire tower because in war there is no such terms as playing fair, and humanity. You take every advantage you can get and virtually crush your enemy in every possible way.

Please feel free to come to my village of Dermont any time you want I will gladly allow you to visit, the experience (for me) is one of a lifetime (literally). Feel free (not) to stay (like you have a choice). You will find many ways to spend your time here in Dermont (As slave labor). After all work is hard to find now a days so just enjoy your time in Dermont! I guarantee it will be an experience your will never forget! 😉


Aloriah: Midgard Server
Alliance: Ragnarök
Leader of Ragnarök

mmo city contest lord of ultima

mmo city contest lord of ultima

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