MMO City Contest: Nightfire

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As you can see on the screenshot, I have chosen for my food production city. It is the city that is the heart of my entire empire, which exist of 137 cities.

Even though I do own a palace and some big military cities, the food village is the most important one.

Because my very beloved Mages, the always eating Knights and the Berserkers that always love to fight against Dragons couldn’t do their favorite activities without this village.

Even though it is not finished yet (did you notice the cottages? J) it can produces over 77.500 food an hour and can store up to 23.7 million of it. It also able to transport 2.2 million in carts and 1.2 million in ships at once.

The people in this ‘food’ village work hard every hour, day in day out, to supply the enormous military cities with something to eat.

Since there is nothing worse than fighting the enemy on an empty stomach!

mmo city contest lord of ultima

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