MMO City Contest: Myles Kash

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My first Lord of Ultima city, with beneficial production. Used as a baron base and slight support it has a fine history. Built from the ground up by Santa Cruzians, it was a slow town, calm and peaceful. Though the residents always enjoyed their set of fun, which was normally joining the soldiers and raiding nearby dungeons, killing wretched spiders and getting rich. Unlike the more successful cities of LOU, this was not a grid, and has existed since June 2010. Its people, always loyal and happy, expressed their views on destruction of the city for modern standards, and I agreed.

As the Nation of 07mak’s capital, its history deserves to be preserved, with not a single building that was built ever being demolished. The people are joyful and regularly join the city guards and help keep the streets clean of anything, ranging from the pitiful remains of the spiders from the north to trash that could be scattered by distasteful foreigners. As the cities capital, it participates mildly in the markets to ensure economic tranquility of 07mak, which has never been threatened. As well the Department of Expansion and Preservation presides in Santa Cruz, overseeing the construction of new cities and ensuring that the cities that other nations left behind in despair are saved and reconstructed so that they might not drift into ruins. The Capital of the great Nation 07mak, Santa Cruz calmly regulates the country and has never permanently lost a member of the community except to old age.

mmo city contest lord of ultima

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