MMO City Contest: Mika

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There was a time, when our rule over this certain continent flourished. Time went by and life was easy, perhaps too easy. It made the barons lax in their cities and eventually they wandered off into sunset to look for more excitement in their lives. It was this dark time that our enemies took notice that the continent was ripe for picking and they launched massive assaults against our castles there. Our disease ridden enemies were frenzied for kill. Their strike was swift and precise, our castles fell like they would be made of paper not stone. When the future of our foothold on this continent started to look very bleak, one lord in the alliance gritted teeth, pushed his heels deeper in the mud and acclaimed that we shall not be driven out of the continent. He sacrificed himself and gave up the life of a warmonger, he gave up his war castles for other alliance members, where there was them to give. He relinquished his rule over cities away from this one continent and he set up building. He built, city after city, purely dedicated for defense. And that we did, we defended one last standing castle of ours in that continent fiercely. And we held firm. The castle didnt fall, it prevailed. Last of our multiple castles, it stood there defiant – as a beacon of hope.

Times passed, our diseased enemies were eventually subjugated by dragons. But the disease spread, it made the dragon weak but the dragon still had his sharp fangs and terrified claws.

Then came word from above – we were to build palaces for all 8 virtues for this feat we would be crowned Lords of Ultima. This beacon of hope was renamed to Thorn, to mock our enemies how it is a thorn on their side. And we set out building our palace there. Oh the irony, it took sacrifices to keep the castle standing and it resided within the sphere of a shrine of sacrifice. The work on palace was slow and our enemies tried few times to disrupt our building. But we fought them back, we gave them no quarter. Their forces were nearly annihilated every time they dared to attack. Each time they brought more forces to attack, but each time we had more dedication to keep the palace. In their last ‘hail mary’ attempt, one of their lords sent all the forces he had (over 3.5mil TS worth) in desperate attempt to bring our palace (at the time level 9) down. To our enemies dismay we had gathered over 14mil TS worth of defense there. We hadnt given up the castle before, we werent going to start now. This attackers forces were switfly dispatched to gates of hell. Wind carried rumours into our ears how our enemies considered this castle impossible to bring down. We grinned. Sweat and tears were paying off. But we couldnt relax, had to keep vigil and defenses ready. After all we continued building. Eventually we reached the climax and could enjoy our first (of 8) level 10 palace on this world. This palace being still our beacon of hope and it has inspired lords in our alliance to take back what is rightfully ours. The tide is turning and we will reclaim the lands lost on the continent. As we will do on the whole world.”

Rest of the story shall be told in the future, I hope we havent seen rest of the fighting for this one palace and that our already discouraged enemies would find some strenght to fight back properly on the whole world..

mmo city contest lord of ultima

mmo city contest lord of ultima

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