MMO City Contest: Lelouch

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The citizens of Britannia are always full of glee for they know of the prosperity brought to them from their Emperor, Emperor Lelouch VI Britannia, a man of great knowledge and power. The boisterous youth train in the barracks right near the Governors residence, at in front of the Town Hall Lelouch’s General trains the Governor’s personal body guard.The academy off to the edge of town provides a safe haven and workplace for all eccentric and smart citizens of Britannia, just the other day they came closer to answering the question of why we are here and now they work even harder bringing us closer to another discovery. The carpenters and architects are all on break their work places empty, for they just finished putting an expansion on the Town Hall making the town much more elegant.

The old forgotten building up in the out skirt of the town provide mystery to all the residents, it is said that one time a group of kids led by little Johnny went in to check it out once, and they had never returned for that same reason the building has never been torn down or approached rumor has it now that little Johnny and his friends are working in a special field known as espionage but no one has ever been able to confirm it.

The people of this large town seem to always fascinate over how the aquaduct brings in water one way and the river starts before the aquaducts end as if someone really spent that much time re-routing the water’s path. On the shore their is a mini beach and upon it the kids frolic and play whilst one adult is also sent each to watch them while the others work or relax elsewhere. Ahh yes times in Britannia are good and everyone is enjoying themselves. Lelouch is happy, the citizens are happy, all is well with the Empire of Britannia.

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