Fall of Tao

Clash of Kingdoms online strategy game

Well, it looks like this is the end. A week ago I had 13 manors and 20k soldiers. Today I have 3 manors and 200 Archers. The days are very dark for Tao, and Shao’s armies are continuing to consume our lands like wildfire. Soon they will be at the gates of Guang-ling, and there’s little we can do to stop them.

There is a blade of hope though. The fields of Guang-ling are guarded by frozen armies. The hundreds of Lords who played long enough to train 10 or 20 troops, and then left the game. Their soldiers have remained still for months, but will finally have a chance to fulfill their duty. To the death, for Tao!

Clash of Kingdoms online strategy game

One of the great things about Clash of Kingdoms is you can actually see how we got here. If you go to http://ck.koramgame.com/index.html, the click “Live Power Balance” and select “S12 Imperial Showdown”. The colours they use are terrible (hear me Koramgame?), but you can see how Ma rained down and consumed the West half of the map. Then for whatever ridiculous reason, our kingdom, one of the smallest, decided to declare war on Jiao. And while we acted like idiots killing ourselves, Shao grew and grew and was then in a position to pick us both off.

Currently everyone is at war with Shao, but Ma has been in no hurry to join the fight. Ma has just been sitting there for a month, while the East has been tearing itself apart. After Shao ends us Ma probably won’t have much trouble taking the server. Unless of course their players have left do to boredom.

At the very least, it’s been a fun game, and I did manage to pull off the epic plan I mentioned at the start of the contest, and traded 12 million resources in one go.


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