OSG1 MMO City Contest

Most of our time spent in online strategy games such as Travian or Lord of Ultima, or casual games such as Cityville or Social City, is spent carefully building beautiful cities and glorious empires. So it’s time to reflect on the cities we build in digital space.

Send in an image of your virtual city as well as a short story about it, also mentioning which game it’s from, and have a chance to win $30 USD in virtual currency to spend on the mmo of your choice. Facebook Credits, Ikariam Ambrosia, Travian Gold, whatever you want.

Submit your images and stories by Monday, March 7th. On the 9th I’ll choose my favourite ten, post them on the site, and then leave it to a public vote. The entry that has the most votes by March 25th wins! Send any entries to ogodfreed@gmail.com. Stories will be selected based on humour, epicness, and clarity.

win facebook credits, ikariam ambrosia, travian gold

Just a note about my last contest. I only received 4 entries and the winner only had 15 votes! Think you can get more than 15 votes? Then submit!


Here’s my own example of an entry, though obviously I’m ineligible!

Orchid Valley: Clash of Kingdoms

clash of kingdoms city, win facebook credits, ikariam ambrosia, travian gold

This is Orchid Valley, a busy little town in the Kingdom of Tao. Orchid Valley is nearly identical to the other manors under Gorogorosama’s rule. It has a group of fields, quarries, and lumber yards. As the citizens are too poor to unlock the Plus lots, all of them lay empty across from the Archery Ranges. Orchid Valley has three Archeries, as the denizens believe in doing one thing and doing it well. In this case, that one thing is raining arrows down upon their enemies.

The people of Orchid Valley have recently made an interesting discovery. For some peculiar reason, the advanced Imperial Archers cost more Stone than anything else. A LOT more stone. Unfortunately, the only method of exchanging resources lies in the City’s marketplace, which charges either Gold or Coupons for every transaction. And so, Orchid Valley began an epic endeavor. The workers started upgrading the manor’s warehouse, and upgrading it more. One was not enough, so another was built right next door.

Slowly the warehouse capacity is growing. Meanwhile, Orchid Valley has become the center of Gorogorosama’s realm, as the surplus Wood and Iron from the other manors come flowing in, all stored in Orchid Valley, so that in one fell swoop, Gorogorosama may exchange 10 Million Resources for the Stone he so desperately needs, all for 10 coupons. Will this epic task be complete before the hordes of Shao poor down from the North? Will the exchange of so many resources at once create an inbalance in the space-time continuum? We shall see. We shall see…

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