Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms Mondays – 1

Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms — Part One
“Spreading the Gospel of Jim”

Hey! I’m Jim, the new guy here at osg1. Mostly I’ll be reviewing games, but I’m also going to provide weekly recaps of what happens in my MMHK game.

I recently reviewed the game here, so these recaps will focus more on so exploring the game’s various features than they will on criticism—although there will be some of that, too.. I also plan to use the week’s events as a springboard for further discussion, on themes like gaming strategy, personal playing styles, how to deal with other human-controlled players, and anything else that might come up. Every player is different on these issues, so please feel free to add your own thoughts!

Now then, on to the game. As I wrote in my review, this is the MMO version of Heroes of Might and Magic. You can play on a number of servers, but I’m on the US-based “Realms of Rakshasa.” I’m playing as the Necropolis faction, and I’m still using the free version, but considering upgrading.

I’m past the initial stages, well into the intermediate ones. I built my third Necropolis city this week, I currently have three heroes, and I’m a member of Ragnarok Riders Duo: the game’s 26th-most powerful alliance!

Browser Game Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms Cities

Clockwise, my cities are: Fun Falls, Chim Cham (my capital), and Biblevania.

This is my region. Ragnarok Riders Duo players own the lighter blue territories, while our allies, the Ragnarok Riders, own the dark blue.

Browser Game Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms Cities

The surrounding players in my region have been kind enough to leave me alone while I set up shop. Now, take a look at the region directly the southeast of me:

Browser Game Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms Cities

Within a week or so I plan to repay that kindness by sweeping across the land, pillaging everything in sight. All that orange and sky blue, not to mention the many independent cities, is just too tempting. Hey, I’m bored with crushing NPCs.

The thing is, I’m not totally sure I’m strong enough to get aggressive with the other people in my region. Can I repel reprisals once I start pillaging? I tend to be a pretty conservative gamer overall. Right now I think I’m close to that level of strength, but not quite. This week I figured I’d only need two more buildings at Chim Cham. One is the Forlorn Hall, which lets you recruit Wights, and if you upgrade, Wraiths — the strongest Necropolis infantry in the game. That should be done in a day or so. After that, it’s the Castle. The Castle is the strongest defensive structure in the game, and it also increases the number of troops you can recruit. Still, the Castle will take a couple more days, and it’s really tempting to start picking on people.

The other factor is, we of the Ragnarok Riders duo haven’t discussed making war with anybody yet. I wonder whether I should say something before I just start marching on people. Not sure about that yet.

Either way, once my Castle is operational, I should be able to build a sizeable, balanced military, strong enough to at least protect myself. I’m excited to look outward. By then I should have a whole new set of issues to consider.

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