Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms Mondays – 2

MMHK Monday Part Two
“Fightin’ Words”

A lot has happened with my little Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms fiefdom the past week, so let’s get to it.

The biggest event was my decision to subscribe. The free version limits how many cities you can control and heroes you can recruit, each at three, and this week I expanded enough to be able to afford a fourth city. So I bit the bullet and paid the fifteen bucks for an Ubisoft account.

Ubisoft was very happy I did this, and gave me 20,000 gold as a thank-you present. I used that to recruit my fourth hero, a Disturbed Wizard I plan to utilize as a magic/military asset. Here he is:


The name came to me the moment I saw him.

Then I built my fourth city. I found a settlement square with two gold mines on it, so that made the decision pretty easy. It’s also got two rare-resource mines, for sulfur and gems, which are gravy to me at this point. I sent out Dingus Khan, another hero of mine, and in a couple hours “Tulips City” was complete. Now it’s on to the process of liberating my four new mines and the surrounding woodlands from the local NPC contingent.

The other major event of the week was when I left my old alliance, Ragnarok Unleashed, to join our sister alliance, Ragnarok Riders. It wasn’t my decision. This came about because, unbeknown to me, the RU chief and the RR chief got together to discuss trading me. RU plans to go north, while RR plans to expand outwardly in all directions. The thought was that I would solidify our southern borders.

RR is much larger and more powerful than RU was—I went from being a member of the 26th-most powerful alliance to a member of the 3rd-most. And you get bonuses for joining an alliance with at least twenty players. I wound up with thirty extra vampires and 10,000 gold. So I’m definitely not complaining. I was even a little flattered. I felt like the prettiest girl at the dance for a minute there.

Here’s my new outfit, in the darker blue.


Actually, to get a scope of how huge we are, here’s the alliance to my west:


And to my north:


So yeah, I feel pretty secure.

Ragnarok Raiders is a little more involved than Ragnarok Unleashed was. Everyone is constantly messaging each other to collaborate and share tips, and I jumped right into the thick of it. I always need a ton of crystal to recruit Wights, and one of my alliance mates, Xman619, needed sulfur for his Inferno troop recruitment, so we negotiated a quick trade and soon had what we needed.

Other than security, that’s probably the biggest advantage of joining an alliance. It’s tough to farm enough of every resource in the game, so you’ll need to either trade for what you need or go through the NPC Merchant. I’ll leave the game’s economics for another time, but for now let’s just say the Merchant doesn’t let you negotiate, and isn’t interested in giving you a fair price.

The head of my new alliance, Ashura Medo, runs a tight ship. Last week I wrote about wanting to start pillaging nearby enemies. But right after I joined the Ragnarok Raiders, Ashura sent out an e-mail to everyone warning us not to start fights unprovoked and thus drag everyone else into a war. I was disappointed.

But it looks like peace won’t last very long. A couple days after the initial message, Ashura forwarded us another one, from a player named Uzziah of the Jactari alliance. Uzziah had gotten into a dispute with Xanderius, a new member our sister alliance, the Ragnarok Unleashed. Here’s the note:

“Xanderius (147,21) just joined you alliance. We have no ill will toward anyone else in your alliance but we will be taking his capital city.

If you would like a free move pact after that we would be happy to do it.


The nerve!

Uzziah’s message set off an uproar in the Ragnarok Raider community. My comrades clamored for war, but Ashura wanted to try diplomacy before anything else. He eventually learned this was all because Xanderius had built a city too close to one of game’s bonus squares, in this case a Dwarven Treasury. Treasuries increases an alliance’s gold yield by 5 percent, and whichever alliance is closest gets the bonus. Uzziah felt Xanderius had screwed him over and was taking back what was his.

Ashura managed to calm everyone down this time, so no war this week. (I’d actually regret going to war with Jactari. They’re a little less powerful than we are, but it’s not that. Jactari created a great battle calculator tool that I’ll go into in a future post).

But we’ll probably wind up fighting them soon. I don’t really want to go into specifics, but Ashura had to do some maneuvering to quiet things down, and it might leave the Jactari isolated. In the meantime, all of us are building and recruiting so we can be prepared.

–oops, you know what? One of my allies messaged everyone just now. Looks like the Jactari are stirring it up again. (Really! I’m not making it up to try to hook you into coming back next week).

But yes, you’ll have to come back next week. Thanks for reading!


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