Checking In

Just wanted to make a quick post to check in on a few things. First, remember that there is only one more week to vote for the Browser Game of the Year.

Also, I received a mail from Native Kingdoms:

Hey Olivergodfreed, what is going on? Are you insane? You are dead, buddy! :( You can come back to life again by logging in and clicking on “resuscitate”. (Quetzalcoatl is so almighty!) The website: http://www.nativekingdoms.com/

Teasing me for not playing their game is almost enough to make me come back. Well, almost. Also, anyone remember Tauri World? It was a Steampunk Online Strategy game I tried a while back. Unfortunately at the time it was a bit buggy and I couldn’t contstruct any new buildings. Well, apparently things are fixed, and after half a year of ignoring the constant “Come back and play” emails, maybe I’ll finally give it another chance. Maybe.

Finall, you’ve probably noticed some changes to the site! More on that soon.


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    • This game is awsome! Very well done. Anyone who has pelyad the previous age of empires should catch on very quick. Even if you havn’t pelyad before it won’t take long to get the hang of it. I have a 2ghz intel mac and have no problems. Graphics are incredible as well as the gameplay.

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