Stone Age Kings Releases English Version

Finally, after almost a year of waiting, Stone Age Kings has finally launched an English version. I’ve started an account and should get a review out soon.

I’ve also been really impressed with the translation. A lot of online strategy games, most of which are developed in Germany or China, end up with some horrible engrish, but it’s clear Stone Age Kings actually spent some time on this. I’ll leave you with some great text from the tutorial:

“My Son! For more than 50 winters, I was the Boss of this family. Now my time is over. Our ancestors are waiting for me. Now it’s your turn to lead teh family and our tribe.

“Unfortunately, we both know, you’re your mother’s son. To prevent a complete fail of yours, I’ll have a look at your first steps. Don’t disappoint me, or I’ll haunt your dreams.

“Hell, it’s about time! At least it wasn’t a complete disaster. I’ll reward you with the promised raw materials.

“Now let’s see if you can handle the next quests.

“Have you really found someone who will do the dangerous hunt for you? Perhaps that’s better – everyone would have starved if it had been left to you.”

This has been the most insulting OSG tutorial I have played, but it’s hilareous. Great job, Gorilla Gaming.


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  • This game has a TINY population.
    this causes cliques to form and unfortunately the game is very hostile to new players.
    Anyone that doesn’t have a friend that is a mod or a huge account already in this game should look for another.
    Grepolis is much better for new players joining and a better atmosphere and game experience.

    • That’s unfortunate about the gaming population. I think THE most important aspect of an osg is to have an active community. Thanks for the info, and thanks for the comment!

    • hey u A player, can stop publishing this nonsens about Stone age kings on every website and stop advertising ur Grepolis game , u play Grepolis leav it for ur self !!!!

      SAK is the greats and the best webbrowser game i played so far…..


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