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I finally updated the List of Games again. Today’s additions include Baltheo, Excalibur Online, and Warflow, as well as Clash of Kingdoms and Glory of Rome which I neglected to add earlier.

I feel pretty confident when I say I won’t have time to do a full review of Baltheo or Warflow. Far as I can tell from the screenshots of Batheo, it’s the same as Warflow but set in Greece instead of China. Also, based on the few minutes I spent with Warflow I know there are much better games worth your play-time.

For example, Antzzz, which is a great game, just opened a new server. Despite the low graphics, the game play is fun and refreshing. I’ve also been spending a lot of time with Clash of Kingdoms lately, but more on that later.


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  • Yeah, Warflow doesn’t look particularly amazing. (At least they have a guide to what’s in the game, though).

    It didn’t look like it at first glance, but does it at least have some cool research/historical details? Getting to play around in feudal China would be the big draw for me. Maybe the only draw.

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