Tales of Aloriah, the fifth

This week has been all over the board in Aloriah. Last week I founded my village in the Dry Steppes. Boom-Shaka spent the first part of the week exploring the nearby area. I quickly grabbed all the obelisks that I could see and had to venture into the fog of war, so decided to check back in a few hours. WARNING: The fog of war is dangerous!

What would be very helpful is if each Army had some sort of behaviour setting, such as “If you see three armies of black dragons, run the heck away!” I really didn’t want the obelisk that badly. This behaviour setting could work both ways as well. With Boom-Shaka dead, and my only Hero Sanctuary (to raise him) back in Athenry, the exploration fell to Gorogorosama. This time I was exploring a Ruins when I accidentally crossed paths with player Pdimi and killed him. I have a lot of respect for that player, roaming around Dry Steppes with half the recommended troops. But, in the land of Aloriah, there is but one law: try to kill anything you bump into. Pdimi and I are at peace now though.

Boom-Shaka’s demise actually worked out quite well. I found out that in order to plant a village in the Misty Marshes, it’s recommended that you have a Blue Dragon Head, which you gain by cutting it off the Sapphire Dragon’s body. The same Sapphire Dragon I saw swimming off the coast of Moyle two weeks back! This time I had enough Berserkers to slay the beast, so Boom-Shaka took to the sea. After a day of relaxing near Moyle I spotted the dragon. It took a couple tense hours to chase him down, but last night I finally got what I came for.

Now there are two issues I have to deal with. First, I need enough CP to found my next village. The manual says I need 35, but my City Hall panel says I need 15. Which is it? Also, when hunting for the Sapphire Dragon I grabbed a lighthouse occupied by Aernoud. He was quick to dispatch my 5-berseker scouting party, but also sent me a nice message: “Please leave my towers alone.” Having attacked me twice in the first week, Aernoud seems like a bully and I’m tempted to tell him to bugger off. But apparently he’s a moderator on the forum and is still a touch stronger than I. Thoughts?

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  • I didn’t find a Blue Dragon Head that useful tbh. Once you get enough defense (1k+ Bear Riders) in MM, you win the fight anyhow, so you don’t need the dragon army to walk away. in this new round on Midgard, I don’t I will bother getting one.

    I found chasing Sapphire Dragons rather annoying as they kept swimming away.

  • Hahah “come back here!” ! 😀
    Everyone knows that your ship will sail slower if you sail right behind the blue dragon due to its almighty tail..
    Flank it ftw!

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