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Just wanted to catch you up on a few important OSG news items I missed earlier this week.

First, did you think this was the only blog with extensive coverage of online strategy games Aloriah and Lord of Ultima? Well, think again! Reader Guzzer has his own blog, “Guzzer vs Browser Based Games” and he recently posted a great article about the end of Aloriah’s Midgard server.

Also, Khan Wars has gone to version 3.0, the Dark Embrace. As far as I can tell it’s pretty much the same game, but with a few changes to the graphics. To be fair, I haven’t actuall logged in to version 3.0, because I can’t seem to remember my username / password. But, XS software was kind enough to send me a poem about their new version, so enjoy.

Walking in fog and darkness, through forests, plains and hills,
destiny made me witness the fall of great warriors.
The forces of Darkness rise again, commanded by the Ghost Khan,
proclaiming his evil fame!
Their blades are sharper than ever before
Their masters fearless – as only the bravest must be
They took our dreams, our faith and our trust
And left behind only shadows, tears and mistake


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  • Thanks for the plug, much appreciated. :) I think your blog is great, and given I’m new to blogging, I use yours as one of my guides in what to do. I did choose which games to focus on separately to you though, and it is quite interesting how we both arrived at focusing on the same games.

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