Tales of Aloriah, episode IV

The adventure continues in Aloriah. When last we spoke I was preparing to forge into Dry Steppes and claim my third village. Crossing the Green Fields took a while, but was rather uneventful. Then this happened:

I was just minding my own business, ambling through the fog of war towards what seemed like a decent spot for a new village, and bam, walk smack into a Dragon Gate with hundreds of black beasts pouring out. Honestly my first thought was to run the hell away. However, by the time I checked my account one of the dragon armies was already on me and, to my surprise, I was victorious! Thanks to everyone who suggested I bring 1k-2k Berserkers. I needed them. After the victory I looted a bunch of Diamonds and a Gate Anti-Seal, so I figured I might as well use it, plunged straight into the heart of darkness and closed the gate.

After this I managed to settle my third village. I had to seal another gate that popped up, but by this point I was brilliant at it.

This wasn’t the only excitement though. If you recall, last week I pulled the mystical “Dragon Helm” from the seas around Moyle. Well, apparently there’s a Dragon Helm spawning point nearby, and now I have four of them.

My question now is what am I supposed to do with all these Dragon Helms? I tried equipping Gorogorosama with two of them, but that didn’t fit right. I’ve still only got two heroes, and though I’m preparing to hire a third, that’s still one extra helmet, plus any more that drift ashore. Is it possible to sell or trade these things?

My next step is to settle in the Misty Marshes. However, I need 9 more Civiliation points, so I may not get there by next week. It is a nice feature of the game though, to always know what your next goal is. According to the guide, only 30% of players will be able to settle a village in the Marshes. Currently I’m ranked 59, so I should be able to find a nice spot. Even if I have to take it from someone.


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  • Ofcourse you can sell items!

    Just enter your army and start dragging an item from the inventory. Once the dragging starts a big sell-icon will appear in the right part of the screen. Drop the item there to be able to sell it and you will get some nice gold after a confirmation!

    Nice to see that you are making good progress in the game! Keep it up!!!

  • hey, glad you took care of those dragons :P, I have an answer to your question, it is possible to sell items and receive gold in return. It works just like disbanding units, click and drag your item from the spot and a sell symbol appears in the lower right corner of the hero area next to your skill tree. Drop your item on the symbol just like you move files into your trash can in windows 😛 . Then proceed with your action. Now you can get rid of your helmets and buy something else for them.

    • You CAN play the game as a single pleayr; Hell, I play single-pleayr-single-village. It DES make the game infinitely more difficult, but it is also more rewarding. However, the game is fundementally geared towards alliance play, and it is disappointing that Travian does NOT reward excellent single pleayr play.

  • It gets tougher in MM. This time, take 1k Bear Riders (as opposed to Berserkers) and a hero with protective skill. 2k Bear Riders would be better of course.

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