Tales of Aloriah, chapter 3

It’s been a solid week for my Aloriah empire. It started by spotting a Saphire Dragon off the coast of Moyle. His 2,500 damage may or may not have influenced my decision to leave him alone. The next day something else was floating in the water, and this I had to investigate. Since Gorogorosama and my latest hero, Boom-Shaka, were off exploring, I created a new army, “Hat Fetcher”, and braved the sea. I was successful and added a Dragon Helm to my collection. I like to imagine my carrier pigeon wearing this giant, bad-ass helmet as he flew to Athenry.

And now that I’ve just made myself a big target for all the Thieves out there wanting to get their hands on my Banzai Tree (hmm, that was almost sexy), you should be warned that I also have a Hidden Chest, which gives you 5% less chance to steal an item. So I guess you only have a 95% chance. Do you feel lucky?

Gorogorosama and Boom-Shaka have been wandering around the world earning me a few achievements. Let’s take a look:

So there’s Animal Slayer, which means I’ve won a few battles against the easiest monsters around. Collector of commons means I’ve found a lot of vendor trash lying around, and since I’m a “Good Player”, Evil Enchantments means I’ve accidentally stepped in a bunch of curses. It’s nice to be rewarded for incompetence. I am proud of Great Visionary, as it means I’ve controlled several lookout-towers at the same time.

Despite all these brilliant feats, I’m only ranked at 89. Must keep climbing that ladder. At this stage in the game though, I’m more interested in Civilization Size. Is there anyway to see your ranking according to that?

Anyway, as was suggested in the comments, I should have 1-2k Berserkers before heading to Dry Steppes. I’ve got enough resources and finally enough max population, so if I keep my barracks working non-stop over the weekend I shold be ready to seize the spirit of adventure. For Asgard!


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