Which Game Should Oliver Play Next?

Alright, during my posting lapse my Travian account fell to ruins, so now I’m looking for a new OSG to pick up. I’ve put together a poll of a few I’m interested in, but I’m open to suggestions as well. If there’s a game you’d like to see me play and chronicle, feel free to add it to the comments and I’ll take that in consideration as well.

The game with the most votes (and / or comments) after seven days wins a brand new player.






[polldaddy poll=3981261]


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  • Hello Oliver!

    I have been talking with you before about our game Aloriah. Since then I, along with the rest of the crew and some of our players, is a dedicated group of new readers on this blog.

    I have ofcourse also subscribed and that is why I noticed this post recently. I have been told from some of our players that they voted for Aloriah and we are ofcourse very happy to see that Aloriah is in the lead as of now. We are watching the results every now and then! :)

    The reason I am writing to you now is to inform you about an upcoming new server round that will be started in 4-5 days. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to join the game and try everything out from the start. This means you will even have a chance of winning if you are good! 😉

    If you are interested in joining Aloriah after your poll ends, please contact me! Would be nice to have some contact while you are playing!

    Good luck with your blog and, hopefully, with your quest for eternal glory in Aloriah!

  • Round 2 of Valhalla just started now, 30 minutes ago. We would very much like you to join our world! I will send you a personal mail later today with information on how we can keep in contact during your playtime.

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