A Few Things

First, I have to make a correction on the last post. As Uryxt pointed out, Cultures Online is available in English and a few other languages. If anyone is having trouble like I was, you have to set your language again after clicking on Play Now. Anyway, I’m slowly checking it out, and they are indeed decked out for Halloween.

Next, it seems the OSG Clone Machine is at it again. The latest example is Hukumdar Online, which reminds me a bit of Lords Online, in that they are exactly the same.

I really don’t understand the strategy here. What does either company hope to gain my cloning a game? Does Hukumdar Online think they can draw players that Lords Online missed just by changing the name? And wouldn’t it be a better gaming experience if the players weren’t spread out across separate games? There’s nothing worse than an OSG world that feels empty. The Ikrariam Eta server is still facing that problem, and you would think IGG and Gamersfirst would learn from that. Alas…

Finally, a huge congratulations to Syp over at Bio Break, who recently reached 1 million hits! Keep up the great work.


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  • It has to be just game companies trying to make a quick buck off of OSGs. Which is a real shame because they’re bringing down the quality of the genre.

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