Ministry of War Preview

Ministry of War, a new OSG, is making some bold claims leading up to its beta. To quote the website: “MINISTRY OF WAR represents a quantum leap forward in MMO browser games. With spectacular graphics, a huge world map, epic PVE and PVP battles, GvG combat, and comprehensive questing and leveling systems, MoW stands far above all other browser games. Choose an Empire (Rome, Egypt, China, and Persia), marshal your resources, and build your forces. War is coming”

They also have some rather intriguing screenshots to back them up.

This one is particularly interesting. I’m still waiting for an OSG that gives me the same control as Interplay’s Castles and Castles II. Let’s hope they can deliver.

At any rate, this is definitely a game I’m looking forward to, if just to see if it lives up to its claims.


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