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So, probably the biggest news in the last few days is that Travian has started a new Championship Server. This is a x2 server, and the top 1,000 players of each Tribe will be given the opportunity to compete in “the final server” sometime next year. This is a brilliant move on behalf of Travian Games. One of the unique elements of Travian is how competitive it is, even amongst other OSG’s, and simply calling the server “Championship Server” should really enhance that.

It’s come at a great time too, as I’ve been getting bored with the other OSG’s, so I’m glad to have something to sink my teeth into. As the previous post suggests, I’ve started playing and will be resuming my Travian Chronicles! I’m going to try to perform better than last time, but of course the competition will be even more fierce! Everyone feel free to leave me some suggestions, tips, strategies, etc! I’ll need all the help I can get.

Also, Bio Break has put up an interesting article on “Why Star Trek Online NEEDS to go free-to-play “. It’s an interesting time when a lot of major MMORPGs seem to be switching over to the F2P model that OSG’s have been using for years. Very interesting indeed…

Anyway, this week we can look forward to another “I am the Lord of Ultima”, my first official post for Travian Chronicles II, and that elusive Nano Siege review 😛


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