OSG Popularity II

Following on on my previous posts regarding OSG popularity I did another, more extensive Alexa search and am happy to share the results. Granted, as with last time this isn’t a completely accurate analysis as I’ve only referenced the most popular domain, so I haven’t taken travian.de or travian.us into account, both of which are very popular. Further, some games share a domain (for example, Freeksy and Lods Online are both subdomains of igg.com) and so their numbers are combined.

I’ll confess some of this is rather surprising. I had no idea that eRepublik was so popular, and thought Utopia Kingdoms would do better than it apparently has. Anyway, hopefully this information can be useful for players looking to join a thriving game community, and for any future OSG developers to know what they’re up against.


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  • There is indeed a big bias as Evony only has a .com entry domain while Travian has one domain per country. For example, travian.ae for example is ranked N°1000…

  • Even though it’s not the most accurate measure, I guess at least it provides some kind of context for the popularity of these games. I had no idea Grepolis was so popular, for one…

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