Land and Legends Review

Game Site: Land and Legends on Facebook
Game Developer: One-Up Inc / AQ Interactive
Rating: Play it

Lands and Legends is a Facebook OSG that captures a similar feel as Travian, providing clean, simple OSG gameplay to the Facebook community.

In terms of Gameplay, Land and Legends is a lot like Travian, but definitely in a good way. For an OSG, it’s relatively simple and the graphics are cute, making it easy to get into. As with Travian. there’s a very nice help page that explains game concepts and provides information about each structure. Also, unlike some of the Evony clones, it barely uses any of my CPU. Each city starts with a number of Forests, Croplands, etc., and you’ll have to build Sawmills, Cropfields, etc., adjacent to them to harvest resources. You’ll also build warehouses, barracks, a research center, etc.

As for combat, there are four main troop types (Swordsmen, Spearman, Archer, and Cavalry), each of which have a specific weakness against a different type, creating a pretty solid Rock-Paper-Scissors system. For example, Cavalry are weak against Speakmen, but strong against Archers. Each unit can also has an advanced version that can be researched, and each troop type can have its offense and defense improved in the armory and blacksmith.

One of the game’s unique features is its hero system, which takes the form of a Collectable Card Game. You’ll draw random cards of historic figures that you can use both as a “Hero” to help on the battlefield and as a “Governor” to improve your city. The governor system, although Land and Legends is not the first to impliment it, is a nice addition as it allows heros to be ued for more than warfare.

Lands and Legends has a unique map system as well. Your empire will slowly acquire Fame, which allows you to conquer more territories, but you can only claim territories adjacent to ones you already own. This provides a nice ooporunity for strategy, as you can actually see your enemies expanding their borders on the map.

One thing I really appreciate about the game is that it doesn’t fall into the usual Facebook traps. It doesn’t spam me every five minutes about posting nonsense on my wall or require me to have a certain number of friends before I can make progress in the game.

The game’s main downside right now is the lack of community. As far as I can tell there isn’t a single active player within 20 spaces of me. With a genre that RELIES on player interaction, it’s hard to get involved when it seems you’re all alone in the world. I can’t help but wonder if there’s a relationship between the lack of annoying “Share With Your Friends!” pop-ups and the lack of players…


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  • That’s really disappointing that the player base is so tiny. I was so glad to hear that finally a Facebook game doesn’t force you to update all your friends on your progress in the game…

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