Preview: Aloriah, Tauriworld

I’ve added a few more to the list of games. Some interesting ones include new OSG’s Aloriah and Tauriworld.


Aloriah is currently in beta. The game is a lot like Travian at its base, but also emphasizes heroes wandering around the world and exploring. The world itself is quite interesting and the end-game revolves around getting to the center of the map and slaying the Mother Dragon. It’s also one of the first OSG’s I’ve encountered with an opening video. I just started yesterday. but hope to have an actual review in the near future.


Tauriworld is Polish game with its own intro video. It’s a steam-punk themed OSG with some interesting ideas, including an island theme like Ikariam and troops that have a specific range. Unfortunately it sufferes from poor UI and I can’t figure out how to construct a new building. I seem to have met all the requirements, but there’s no button that says build! Hopefully they’ll be able to clean that up soon.

I found the name “Tauriworld” pretty interesting, as Tauri is the word for the humans of earth in the Stargate universe, though apparently it was also the name of a people south of the Ukraine. Asgard Heroes also drew from Stargate. Interesting…



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  • I just started both games as well. With Tauriworld I’ve encountered a bug where I can’t build on unoccupied spots, which has seriously slowed me down in that game.

  • Didn’t get all that far into it to be honest. I need gold for many buildings right now and have no way to secure it. I’m surrounded by larger aggressive players and spend most my resources rebuilding my army and increasing my walls.

  • Okay I’m about an hour away from my second town in Aloriah, and I’ve been claiming dragon thingies all over the place. So far the game is a nice change from the travian/tribe wars clones

  • I´ve played the beta of Aloriah. Very well thought through. Although you can play it logging on once or twice a day, I kept coming back to see how my armies and villages were doing. What I also like is the scenario play. Once the Mother Dragon is defeated, everybody starts all over again (they keep your achievements). This way you avoid the issue that you never catch up with those that were playing first.

    They go live september 1st. I am going to play at least one more round and see what happens in a real game :)

  • […] Well, almost. Also, anyone remember Tauri World? It was a Steampunk Online Strategy game I tried a while back. Unfortunately at the time it was a bit buggy and I couldn’t contstruct any new buildings. […]

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