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Some quick news in the world of OSG’s today.

Travian is having a World Cup contest. Anyone who has a plus account gets to make a guess as to who they think will win the championship, and the winners will all split 1 million gold. Of course, someone points out on the forum that if 1,000 people guess right that’s only 1,000 gold each, but that’s still a lot of gold!

Ikariam is opening a new server. The new Omicron server starts on June 15th. Most of the community seems to be in agreement that this is a bad idea, since most of the servers are considered to be underpopulated. There’s even been some suggestions about combining a few servers into one. The Prof on the Ikariam forums provided some helpful numbers for the Ikariam.org servers:

Alpha – 8,922
Beta – 2,951
Gamma – 2,964
Delta – 3,050
Epsilon – 2,996
Zeta – 2,924
Eta – 2,878
Theta – 3,042
Iota – 2,899
Kappa – 2,876
Lambda – 2,972
My – 3,010
Ny – 3,031
Xi – 5,272

And adds, “And yes, I do currently have accounts on every server… Long story!”

Finally, Syp over at Bio Break discusses the plus side of LOTRO going free-to-play in a nice story about finally getting his wife to join the game. It’s certainly true that more players are willing to at least try a game when it’s F2P.


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