Lord of Ages Review

Regan Mercantile LLC recently released a game, Lord of Ages, that could easily be considered the best OSG ever. Of all time.

Now, there might be some unenlightened that would ask “Oliver, isn’t Lord of Ages the exact same game as Evony, Kingory, Caesary, and Three Kingdoms Online? Granted, it seems that Lord of Ages might have taken a few ideas and concepts from these games, but LoA has also added a lot of its own creative ideas. For example, most of the other games show your hero’s picture on the bottom part of the screen, but LoA has brilliantly moved this to the top.

LoA also one-ups the competition by actually using the word “Lord” right in the title. Evony was only clever enough to use the word in its infamous advertising campaign and nearly make the term synonymous with the genre, but Lord of Ages took it in a whole different direction and literally used the word in the name of their game. The only other OSG’s that have managed to do so are Lord of Ultima, Lords of Evil, Lords Online, and of course, “Lords“.

Where LoA really shines is the graphics. Of course, it doesn’t actually shine… While Evony and Caesary sold out and used bright, colorful graphics like Travian and Ikariam to attract players, Lord of Ages remains committed to providing an authentic Medieval gaming experience, complete with a dark, dreary town that seems to be always on the verge of a storm or the plague.

Further, Lord of Ages has encorporated huge technological advances in the realm of flashing green arrows. While other games might have at most one arrow (and usually they’re not even green), Lord of Ages pulls out all the stops. And let’s not forget the epic quests. For example “Click the Finish button”. This is the stuff of legends.

Finally, the best for last, Lord of Ages is probably the only gave that prominantly features a “Save on desktop” button. I know this is something that fans of browser-based games have been wanting for a long time: the ability to let some brand new game from a Chinese company whose top Google search results include the terms “Rip-off”, “libel lawsuits”, and “malware” save something to their hardrive so they don’t have to waste those 30 seconds loading the graphics from the internet.

Game Site: www.LordofAges.com
Game Developer: Regan Mercantile LLC
Rating: Don’t Waste Your Time

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  • This game is a waste of time to play. I played the game for over a year. Its booked there is lots of problems. The admins refused to help as well.

    the admin caused a problem recently that ment no one could access the website. Its a problem that came from server 15 and 16.

    But it affected all areas. In loss 500,000 troops in a lack of food as couldnt access the website on 2 times.

    They gave 240 Gcash to 15 and 16 which would buy 250 troops on speed ups.

    the response they gave me and the players on the other servers was.

    Dear player,
    Sorry for the inconvenience which was caused to you during that day.
    We did not have so much records about loss in S2,so we are afraid to skip that.
    You did not meet our needs for compensation.
    Your understanding is appreciated.

    This is a joke. They give no help. I was warned not to play this but made a mistake.

    • Thanks for letting us know! I can’t imagine how long it took to raise 500,000 troops, and to lose them all is terrible. Everyone else be warned!

      I hope this site will help you find other games where the devs are more helpful. Cheers!

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