E3 Report

It’s hard to summarize E3… It was very shiney and a lot of fun. It seemed to mainly revolve around console gaming and checking in on the latest from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, but there was some OSG (or at least, OSG-related) news to be gleamed as well.

Perhaps the most exciting for me was all the updates on Civilization 5, which have nicely been collected on the recently updated Civilization5.com. Troy from Three Moves Ahead also got a chance to interview designer John Shafer.

I also got a chance to play Global Agenda, which is a great blend of FPS and OSG, and currently has a free trial available. It was pretty fun, and I really like what they’re doing with the blend of the two genres.

Speaking of FPS, I also talked to some people about Battle Empire, which is a service that is putting together gaming tournaments that pay the winners pretty big sums of cash. Currently they’re working with Counter Strike, but I’m hoping if it takes off we might see other genres as well.

Finally, way in the back, there was a table for Skies of Zephria, what seems to be a pretty cool 3D OSG. It’s still a long way from release, but I’m pretty excited about the direction it’s going.


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