Battle Narrative Contest

At long last, it’s time for another OSG1 Contest. OSG’s are filled with thousands of nameless soldiers dying for the glory of our empires. It is time to let their stories be told! Send in a combat report from any OSG along with a short story about the battle for a chance to win 2 Ultimate Game Cards worth $40 USD total, which you can use to purchase Travian Gold, Ikariam Ambrosia, Lord of Ultima Diamonds, or whatever your particular OSG’s currency is.

Submit your reports and stories by June 29th. On the 30th I’ll choose my favourite five, post them on the site, and then leave it to a public vote. The entry that has the most votes by July 7th wins! Send any entries to osg1_contest@hotmail.com

Stories will be selected based on epicness, humour, and clarity. Here’s my own example of an entry (though obviously I’m ineligible),

The troops of Gorogorosama had been sailing for hours to reach the gates of Oddessy Aztec, a city that was rumored to have a pretty large casche of sulphur waiting to be plundered. The heavy mortars were the first to fire, breaching holes in the mighty wall. A legion of Steam Giants poured out to defend the city and had Gorogorosama outnumbered, but they also had to contend with the storm of bullets rained down on them by Gorogorosama’s Carabineers. Aztec’s two doctors ran frantically back and forth across the battlefield trying to help all they could, but alas, there was no hope and Gorogorosama was victorious!


Alright, best of luck to everyone. I look forward to reading the tales of your conquests!


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