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Game Site: www.aloriah.com
Game Developer: Devillusion Entertainment
Rating: Play It!

Aloriah is another OSG that mixes Heroes of Might and Magic with traditional game-play, and does a solid job of integrating the two.

On the surface the game is your standard OSG. You start with a village in a world of Vikings and Dragons, it seems very much like Travian. Your first step is to build up your wood supplies and stone supplies, which you’ll use to construct the rest of your buildings.

The biggest difference between Aloriah and Travian is the world map, which has a lot more going on. Instead of sending armies back and forth between villages they actively move around on the world map and have to contend with wandering packs of enemies, different terrain types, and can pick up treasures and enchantments.

The world map is also fully integrated with the overall goal of the game. There are several different climate zones throughout the world, and you’ll need to settle a village in each of them to be successful. Settling each new climate comes with its own advantages and difficulties. For example, you can’t mine for the Gold resource until you found a village in the tropics, and the closer you go to the center of the world the tougher the wandering enemies become. There are also “scenario” objects such as Dragon Obelisks and Dragon Gates that you’ll have to hunt down in order to reach the Mother Dragon at the center of the world.

This definitely adds a whole new element to the game, but I have found it quite annoying at times. There are so many things to do on the world map and it takes around 10 minutes to move each space, so it could require a lot of time spent in-game to really be successful in this area. Further, you can only order your armies to move up to 10 spaces at a time, which means if you need to send them far away (and you will), it could take several play sessions (it took me 10 sessions to reach the second climate zone). I actually don’t think I would mind as much if it took longer to move when you were out of range of your city. For example, if it took 8 hours to move the maximum distance instead of 2, I wouldn’t feel the pressure of having to keep checking in on the game (which is a high point of the OSG genre).

The battle and research systems are also refreshingly unique. There are hundreds of researches to unclock, divided into four categories. You can choose to focus more on a specific category or divide your research evenly. After that you can sit back and watch as the researches are discovered, usually a couple a day. The battle system encorporates different types of damage and resistance: physical, fire, water, and poison. Each unit type has its different values and you can upgrade either your city wall (physical and water) or your moat (fire and poison) based on what you need to defend against.

The artisitc style is quite original and pretty engaging, though I feel the terrain on the world map doesn’t quite fit with everything else. The UI is also laid out pretty well, though the top bar (with links to the forum, guide, logout, etc.) doesn’t quite fit artistically either. The game does use floating windows for its notifications, messages, etc., which I’m against in general, and there’s also the annoying “This game is still in Beta” screen that I have to click through every time I log in, but these are minor inconveniences.

Overall it’s a nice game that offers some refreshing new elements. If you have the time to spend exploring the rich world they’ve created you should definitely check it out.


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  • Hi!

    I am one of the Aloriah developers and I just found this site and read your review. First of all I would like to thank you for taking your time to evaluate the game and I must say I like the review! It confirms that some of our basic ideas actually comes through to the audience and that is very nice to hear!

    The reason I post this comment is that I wanted to give som information about your thoughts and give some feedback to the info in the review.

    One of our main priorities is to always listen to complaints, thoughts and ideas our community gives us. We feel that a great game can only be created with the help of those who actually play it.

    As you said, the game is currently running in a beta version. There are still a lot of things that need improvements and fixes. We actually feel that the pre site (“Hi, this is the beta version etc…”) before you enter the game is starting to get kinda obsolete so we will probably remove it in a near future. This page was more used in earlier stages where we always had a lot of information that needed to reach the players.

    Another thing that you reacted at is the fact that the look and feel of the map does not fit in the overall design. This is very true! When we launched the beta version of the game we started a big revamp of the total interface and all the graphics. If you find some old screenshots of the game you will see that this is a huuuge improvement! Now the interface actually reflect the feeling of the game! But we still have one big thing left to remake and that is the map. However, this will take a long time to refine and so we felt that we could not wait for this before the release of the beta. The map and its graphics will be totally redrawn from scratch to better fit the overall interface and design but this will probably not be available for a long time.

    We are glad to hear that you seem to like the game and that you took the effort to write a review for it!

    If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@aloriah.com!

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