Founding a New City in Lord of Ultima

Founding a New City in Lord of Ultima
– a guide by Goemon

Founding a new city is something you simply have to do at some point in Lord of Ultima. You’ll need it for the resource income, and the extra space to keep your troops. Preferably, you’ll do it sooner rather than later…which unfortunately I did not do. As a consequence, I pretty much had nothing to do in the game for several days after I hit the maximum building limit in my city, which is only a paltry 100 buildings. So I could only NOT build buildings and wait around for my Trinsic Temple to hit level 10 so I could build my baron.

It’s a pretty simple process, but there’s a checklist of things you need before you can start a new town.

1. As far as resources go, you’ll need 100,000 wood and stone, and 25,000 iron and food. This probably shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you since you should be amassing as much of this stuff as possible.

2. You’ll need 250 carts or 25 trade ships. You can only use the ships if you want to found a city along a river; carts can be used in either case. In order to get carts, you just need to build marketplaces, and the game automatically gives them to you; harbors give ships. For me, I built four marketplaces and interspersed them with townhouses, and put the whole thing next to my harbors. It seemed to work pretty well as the townhouses boost gold intake from both, as does upgrading the markets and harbors. Upgrading two of my marketplaces to level 8 and two to level 7 put me up to 270 carts which is plenty. If you have a trade offer that you’ve put on the market, though, some of your carts cannot be used for the move, and you’ll either have to cancel the trade or get more to compensate.

3. You’re also going to need to recruit a Baron. These guys can be a bit pricey and can take quite awhile to recruit, because you have to invest in both a level 10 Trinsic Temple as well as a level 10 Moonglow Tower. On top of that, you have to buy a moonstone which will set you back at least another 50,000 of all your resources…on top of the 100,000 gold the baron costs to recruit.

4. So hopefully now you have all the ingredients to build a new city. Basically all you have to do next is open up the world map and choose a good spot. Then you just click “Create New City,” and that’s it! Of course, what exactly constitutes a good spot? Ideally you should be as close to your original city as possible, or next to some strong allies. This is because your fledgling town will be defenseless for a little while. The closer your new city is to your established (and hopefully well-armed) one, the quicker you can get reinforcements there.

Alright, so hopefully by now you have a shiny new city. But what now? Get those resources a flowin’, but don’t neglect your defenses. Contrary to your first city, you do not get a grace period in which you can’t be attacked. So upgrade that wall and recruit some city guards!

After you’ve established your new place, just repeat steps 1-4 consistently and ideally you’ll win the game! If that’s even possible…

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    • “After you’ve established your new place, JUST REPEAT STEPS 1-4 CONSISTENTLY and ideally you’ll win the game!”

      Read a bit more carefully next time…

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