TC8: Day 113

Well folks, this may be the end. Things were definitely looking up. I was no longer being raided, the new alliance was about to take off, and my two remaining cities were continuing to grow. Then a force of nature named “Inside” struck Athenry:

4,000 Imperians!? That’s more like a natural disaster than an army. It may be time to follow Rylar’s advise and start up a new server, unless any of the more experienced readers have any suggestions on where to go from here?


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  • You’re definitely in a tough spot, but with proper play you could still turn this around.

    You really shouldn’t have so many resource lieing around, that will just keep the raiders coming back. You still need to get a good sitter or two, and to keep your offensive troops out raiding when your account isn’t active – especially those EIs!

    You best long-term bet might be to settle your next village futher out, away from the aggressive zone and closer to the rest of your alliance. Maybe you should have done this earlier, like with your second village, but too late to re-think that now.

    Even though you’re in a better alliance than before, you should still look for a better one down the line, or perhaps merge the alliance with another one for some increased strength.

    Still, it’s not so bad, it’s not like they catapulted you.

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