TC8: Day 108

Well, a lot has developed in my Travian account. Archer continued to raid my 2nd village, and I couldn’t seem to do much about it. Once I managed to stay up past my bedtime and moved a bunch of troops over there. The problem is since my 2nd village is losing 60 crop per hour without troops and have no granary, I have to keep sending crops every 20 minutes.

Then Archer really screwed up and (probably accidentally) blew up my Warehouse. So now there’s a city just cranking out 400+ resources an hour and they’re going nowhere. Now I’m not sure what to do. I’ve slowly been building up my crop fields, but I’m about to reach the point where I need a warehouse to extend further. However, I have no Main Building and can’t build one because I have negative crop production… Anyone know how I’m supposed to handle this situation?

The good news is that Archer has finally left me alone. Athenry has also annexed an Oasis and I’m getting close to being able to build some Catapults of my own…

The oasis, unfortunately, has opened up a new crack in my defense and some player started exploiting it (raiding my oasis to get loot from Athenry). But then once he tried it while I was online. Needless to say his troops never returned from that particular oasis run. The best part is he had sent them in two groups about 20 minutes apart, but by the time the first group met its doom there was no way to recall the second :)

Finally, I’m about to join a new, stronger Alliance. We’ll see where things go from there.


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  • Oliver man, these stories would be so much more interesting if you weren’t a farm.

    What you should do is straight forward. Delete the account. Start a new account (preferably on a speed server) and give it another try.

    You can use my farmer’s guide walk-through; http://www.travianguide.com/travian-game-guides/a-farmers-guide/

    If you get an account on ComX, the Intl speed server for Travian, shoot me your PW in my email and I’ll help you out in the beginning. Just to make your story posts more fun to read. =)

    Com-X is the pinnacle of Travian servers, The other servers all play second fiddle. And the non speed versions of Travian are just too boring =)


    • I just read that link and this stood out a bit:

      “Your goal is to only hit those who can’t defend themselves”

      Haha pretty heartless don’t you think?

  • “However, I have no Main Building and can’t build one because I have negative crop production… Anyone know how I’m supposed to handle this situation?”

    – The solution is to build more croplands until your crop production is no longer negative. It shouldn’t take that long, unless you have a ton of buildings in your city that are keeping your crop production negative.

    Also, that is an awesome graphic. :)

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