Art of Age of Ocean

Graphics in an OSG are certainly secondary to gameplay, but can still greatly impact the player’s experience. Poor graphics, especially in terms of the UI, can prevent players from discovery and enjoying the gameplay experience, and captivating graphics can help pull a player into the game. A lot of recent OSG’s such as Ikariam, Imperion, Evony, etc., employ 3d renders of buildings and characters. One game that breaks the trend, however, is Age of Ocean, which has almost a painterly feel to its background images.

One of the cool things about the game is getting to explore the world and eventually reach a new continent and a new culture. But, for those who haven’t gotten that far yet, or who are just curious about the game, here’s all the art I could find. Click on the dock and port views to see the full size. If anyone has made it to any other continents beyond Arabia, Europe, and East Asia, let me know!


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