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Rylar from Travian Guide has been kind enough to offer this article about popularity of various OSG’s. Thanks, and enjoy!

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Finding new browser games is a challenge. Anyone who’s seen my website knows I was a massive Travian addict. The sheer volume of players looking for Travian cheats on my website is astounding. However, once you get bored of farming in Travian and it’s time to find a new game what else is there?

Well to follow up on Olivers interesting post on top games according to Alexa, I made a list of the top 28 games according to Google. Google has a keyword tool that displays monthly global traffic for a keyword. I made a list of 40 browser games and then ranked them according to the number of searches each game gets monthly. The results were shocking! A “crappy” looking penguin Disney game is the only game that comes close to Travian in popularity. Evony blankets the Internet with advertisements, but the actual number of people searching for Evony is surprisingly low.

Top 28 browser based games as of March 2010

  1. Club Penguin 20,400,000
  2. Travian 20,400,000
  3. Ikariam 11,100,000
  4. Ogame 6,120,000
  5. Gladiatus 3,350,000
  6. Evony 3,350,000
  7. SeaFights 2,740,000
  8. Tribal Wars 2,240,000
  9. Dark Orbit 1,830,000
  10. King’s Age 1,500,000
  11. Cabal Online 1,000,000
  12. 4Story 823,000
  13. Tanoth 823,000
  14. Wild Guns 450,000
  15. eRepublik 450,000
  16. Pardus 246,000
  17. Bite Fight 201,000
  18. Tagoria 201,000
  19. Battle Knight 201,000
  20. Bloodwars 165,000
  21. Deepolis 165,000
  22. Fallen Sword 110,000
  23. Imperion 74,000
  24. Urban Dead 60,500
  25. Evernight 60,500
  26. The Continuum 40,500
  27. 1100AD 22,000
  28. Earth 2525 18,100

So, if your looking for a new game to try, find one on this list and jump in. Before you start a game, browse the forum and see what you think. The forum is often the only way to tell if a game is hot or not.

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