Konoro Kingdom Review

Game Site: www.konoro.org
Game Developer: Konoro Games
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Konoro Kingdom is a refreshing “garage style” OSG that introduces some new concepts to the genre.

The first things players will notice is the Konoros. The game is set in an interesting stylized world that seems to blend sci-fi and fantasy. As with most OSG’s, players start with a village and will have to upgrade fields to produce resources, construct buildings, train an army, etc.

One of the new concepts the game adds is exploration. Unlike other OSG’s where players can see the entire world right off the bat, in Konoro Kingdom you have to send out an explorer to discover other players and resource fields. To compliment that, each village uses 5 map spaces of resources fields, and each type of terrain grants different bonuses. For example, a city build on a mountain gets an automatic defense bonus, and lakes grant better resource production. Further, there are some buildings that can only be built in villages on certain terrain. This makes it very important where you settle, and can be pretty fun surveying the land for a prime location. On the down side, you can only explore one space at a time, which can make it a little tedious at times, but I’m confident this will be addressed in the future.

The village-building is another strong point. There are dozens of buildings, several of which are unique to the race you choose to play as. It’s impossible to fit all buildings in a single village, which makes your building choice very important. To make things even more interesting, there are small, medium, and large building slots, and some buildings can only be upgraded fully on a medium or large. Perhaps the most unique building I’ve encountered so far: “Folly: This building does nothing. It would be a folly to build one! Maybe it does something – there’s only one way to find out.”

The UI could use a little polish, but it’s definitely clean and presents the necessary information. Considering how little they probably spent, it is rather impressive. In fact, one of the high points of the game is that you can really feel the creator’s involvement. Since the game is still in Alpha, the developers are constantly seeking player-feedback and improving the game. This can be a definite advantage over games such as Ikariam, which is notorious for draconian bannings and not paying much heed to its players.

While it may lack some of the shine of other recent OSG’s, Konoro Kingdom is an overall fun game and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

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  • I definitely like the concept of having to use an explorer to find other players and whatnot. Hopefully they get the issues worked out.

  • Exploration gets better later on in the game. There is a building called Map Maker’s Guild; when fully upgraded you can explore a block of 3×3 squares, nine times faster!

    Also as a magi player you can explore using Seers.

    Also if attacked from an unknown settlement you can track it back to base with your scouts.

  • this game is awesome but it is a bit peaceful at the moment. it says “participate in huge clan wars” but 1: i have never seen a clan war. 2: i have never been in a clan war.

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