Transforce Review

Game Site: tf.playcomet.com
Game Developer: Playcomet
Rating: Don’t Waste Your Time

This OSG set in a futuristic robot world had me excited about the theme, but seems a little shady and loses it in the gameplay.

The game seemed innocent enough, though the term “Free Forever” on the front page should have tipped me off. When I went to register I was taken to a Comet Passport registration. This page just gave me a bad feeling. I have been using Bit Comet for many years though, and it didn’t ask for any odd information, so I went ahead and registered. I then came to the screen where I had to choose which side I would fight for:

Decepticons? Tranformers? Autobots? I cannot for a second believe this game has been authorized by Hasbro and will not blink when the game is hit by a lawsuit. They even mention Megatron and Bumblebee. When the game isn’t ripping off Transformers they’re baffling me with botched translation. “Conquer the defeated, schemer, and enemy. According to game rules, you can conquer one of them, the target will become your dependency. If the target is the dedicator, you can capture the target’s dependency.” …huh? I mean, I grasp what they’re trying to say, but they are not making this game easy to play.

Aside from the theme, the game seems to be pretty standard OSG. There is something called the Arena that intrigues me, but I wasn’t willing to spend any more of my time trying to figure it out. The UI is a mess with too much clutter that makes it difficult to find the important information. For example, on the building upgrade screen, they don’t even highlight what’s required for the next level, they just bombard you with a massive chart.

The game also includes the task / quest system, which I still dislike, and I spend more time redeeming random presents than I do playing the game. Anyway, I’m going to cut this review short to spare Play Comet’s feelings. The plus side is the game is still in Beta. Maybe they’ll be able to salvage it before the official release.


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