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Global Agenda is a third-person shooter released early this month. I finally got a chance to check it out and was surprised that it encorporates a good deal of OSG mentality. In this video describing the Conquest package, the designer could very well be talking about a Travian alliance planning their war. Similar to Erepublik though, each player only controls one character and only by joining with others do you form a whole army.


Hah, and this Gobal Agenda: No Elves video is great:


Anyway, it will be interesting to see what other genre’s the MMO Strategy gameplay works its way into in the future.


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  • This reminds me of a pretty fun free MMO I used to play called Face of Mankind. It was a Scifi-themed FPS with a persistent, player driven world similar to this one. It was a good concept, but the company ran out of money and the servers got shut down.

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