TC8: Day 32

Bloody hell. I was on the verge of building my first settler when I start getting attacked.

It started with the small attack, which certainly wasn’t a problem. But I knew once King of Ghosts tasted resources and saw I had at least some kind of army he would be back, so I started diverting resources and building more soliders. His second strike he lost more units than resources he looted. I figured by now he was pissed. Sure enough, 65 soldiers incoming. But, by this point I had managed to spend or send away all my resources.

The grand total of the three attacks:
King of Ghosts stole 1.620 resources.
King of Ghosts lost 35 clubswingers, which cost a total of 8.750 resources to build.

Granted, in the end I lost more resources than he did, but I take solace in the fact that in the end he lost far more resources than he gained. Don’t mess with the Scotsman; it’s not worth the effort.


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