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Game Site: www.erepublik.com
Game Developer: eRepublik

Erepublik describes itself as the first massive online social strategy game. Like most OSG’s it’s browser-based and free to play, but that’s where the similarities end.

Most OSG’s start the player as a ruler of a country, but in eRepublik you start as a citizen. It still has resource management and massive battles, but they take place on a higher level. For a casual player the game feels a lot like Mafia Wars. Your first step is to find a job. There are thousands of different jobs, and each focus on a certain skill. For example, my job is a Manufacturing job. Every day you have to click on “Work”, which will both increase your skill in that area and earn you game currency. As in life, as you increase your skills you can find jobs that pay more money, which you can use to buy food, weapons, etc.

Aside from working you also need to Train. The same as working, all you need to do is click on “Train” and you will gain a little bit of “Strength”.

The interesting thing about the game is how far you can go with it. All of the companies that offer jobs are run by players who earned enough money to start a company. From that point the game is much more complicated since you have to manage all the resources you bring in and all your employees who, by working, transform the company’s resources into goods that can be sold to other players. Going further still, you can be elected to a Government position, where you will be able to go to war and try to conquer other provinces.

Once a war is started every player from the opposing countries has the option to fight in the battle, using their strength and any weapons they’ve bought to contribute. Essentially, each player is a single military unit. Players cannot die from a battle, but every time you fight you lose Wellness, which needs to be replinished by eating food or other items you can buy.

One of the great hooks of the game is that all the countries are real-world countries. I currently live in and am fighting for the UK! It is also very casual, and players who want a very low-maintenance game can play for five minutes a day, contribute to their country, and be done with it. Of course, players who want to be more involved can start companies, run for office, start newspapers, etc.

One of the main drawbacks of the game is their experience system. You gain experience by doing pretty much anything, but every feature requires a certain amount of experience. For example, to participate in the battles you need to reach level 5, and to start a company you need to reach level 9. This means that a player who is just starting the game has very little to do. I feel that when a player first starts a game his excitement level is at its highest. To prevent new players from really diving into the game until they’ve played for about a week is a real turn off.

Players who are very competitive and most interested in raising armies probably won’t take to this game. For more casual and social players however, it offers the chance to play an OSG at your own pace, watch your character grow, and still contribute to a larger empire, which is a pretty cool concept.


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  • Very bad service an support…For something that you must give your money..
    Admins without respect for players at all

    • eRepublik is the worst game that exists. If you want to be a good player you need to pay a lot of money. The game is very boring and play a less players. The administration is very bad, they just want money. Players in the game cheat. Administration be banned players for one word against them.
      Very bad experience with this game.

  • The admins and owners of this game show no respect for its long time members, it is full of bugs and hackers and bots. The people who run this game censor anyone that gives there game a negative comment and they do not listen to there remaining user base.

    The people who run this game know nothing about economics nor do they know anything about strategy, since this game does not reset or anything they prefer to piss off there older base players by either making them spend real money for a free game or they force them to quit so that new players will come. The high game population is due to an un-control amount of multi bot accounts. They keep the multi\’s to make there game look more active then it really is.

    The average life of a player in this game at its worst is 2 days, and at its best only 1 year. If you stay any longer and don\’t spend a dime they will try to make your character as miserable as they can.

  • They have no concept of real “upgrades”. The most interesting part of the game for most players was “upgraded” yesterday (this being the military module).

    Given that in-game support request tickets are useless, many of the players took to the in-game media module to voice their displeasure and have all been penalized with points which can lead to a temporary or permanent banishment as well as having their articles deleted.

    Most of the articles are non-vulgar and are often more satirical and they are temporarily banning people for vulgarity and for not using in-game service tickets to make complains.

    They have no respect for the players and only silence the media because it’s open to the public. They don’t want you seeing how terrible they are at making an online strategy game.

    • Censorship, cheating, racism, sexism, and homophobia. Basically, this is a haven for sex-starved 15yr olds and Bluto-esque frat boy types. If that is your demographic – erepublik may be the place for you.

      The game started out in 2008 with a lot of potential. It was an interesting concept. However, building mechanics that would allow for a political system that changes every 30 days, a supply driven economy where it costs more to make a product than you can sell it for. High taxes exacerbate the situation. Taxes essentially pay for wars. Fighting isn’t FPS or hand to hand – it consists of pushing a button that says “Fight”. Press fight 4 times and your opponent dies. Do that another 4 or 5 times and that is the bulk of your daily game activity.

      Well, maybe. Remember those taxes? Your taxes go to support the military. Mostly that means that higher level players with high strength and rank will “tank” the enemy. Taxes go towards gold and weapons. Gold allows a player to heal unlimited times and do unlimited damage. As the end, the high level player gets a medal and a reward and the taxpayer gets to enjoy the fact that 25% of their gross income from companies or employment helped that person get even stronger. That might be comforting if there was a single military, but, alas, most of the damage comes from privately funded militias.

      Many high ranking players cheat by using multiple accounts. Point out problems in the game – civil or otherwise – and earn a ban. eRep is very much like Amway in the way it tries to get new members and reward existing players. The more you spam erep to your friends, the more crap they’ll give you. Course, it backfires. People figure out how to break the rules about multiple accounts through the use of multiple browsers and proxies.

      That’s about it. You can write articles if you like but be warned. There is no free press. Even a tame article an get you banned if admins think you are complaining.

      1 Star is generous.

      • That’s a bit of over exaggeration. The game has surely lost most of its potential, but it surely isn’t as bad as you describe it. I take it you got banned and are now whining like a little babe.
        I’ve played the game for over 2 years, but had enough of it when they introduced a ton of unnecessary features and really – all it is is pay to win game now. New players cannot catch up with the oldies, it really is no fun for new comers.
        Since then I have come across a new much better game, where it’s all much simpler and there is no pay2win and it’s better over all. It’s called E-sim (http://bit.ly/GzR6jz), give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. :)

  • Basing on the two previous comments, it seems that this strategy game is unlikely to be played due to the rude admin and customer support. Anyway, players always do have other options of playing a much better similar type of game.

  • Dont waste your time. Admin just implemented a rule change in the military module that requires you to use RL$ to be relevant. This is after they killed 2/3’s of the playerbase in the last ‘upgrade’. The game is dying and the developers are killing it. Ive played over a year and i’m quiting. I was highly active until recent changes that were terribly implemenyed.

  • Worst browser game ever. Admins ban people for “public debates” (what is it, eFascism?), uncountable bugs, too many advantages for people who spend a lot of money or make a lot of fakes. Basically, it’s the only way to have fun: spending hundreds of dollars and/or making hundreds of fake accounts.

  • i spend more than 2 years on this game, just on the hope that admin might think to listen the players and its community,but eventually i lost all hope .

    good: massive list of players which belongs from all across the globe, multi cultural world
    bad: admin is just as rude you can ever think, bad coding/programming,

    overall: BEST if you are troll or dirty political leader, else do not join it, but once again, there are many serious players ( like me ) who always help new players in game.

    my nick is game is pak_land, and let me know if any one need assistance <===( just in case if anyone wanna join )

  • Great idea, very bad implementation.

    Game bugs, developer-team ignorance, server hacks,… all that is enough not to pay for their in game add-ons and not to play game.

    Admins ban people for “public debates” and any critical comment regarding the game will earn you BAN. Game Forum has been closed for months now, because of massive revolt against eRepublik developers.

    Than there are bugs… bugs… bugs and more bugs.
    To many advantages for people who spend a lot of money or make a lot of Multi-accounts.

    Update isn’t really an update.. they keep changing things overnight. You log in next day and find your house is gone, you cannot sell the company you own, your hard-work abilities/skills do not exist any more…

    Better find other game to play.

    This is just not worth the effort… UNLESS you are prepared to make a large number of Multi accounts, that will feed your Main with weapons, money etc..

  • For example you have bought companies abroad in the game and you had bought licenses for selling in other countries. Then suddenly admins change the rules, having companies abroad is forbidden, the resources change suddenly, you loose everything you have and those idiots who change the rules suddenly take no care of that. Never waste your time by this shit, play any other game except this shit.

  • This game was anything but fair-play game. Total waste of time.

    All game is based on “who have more multi- accounts wins”. You get bored and dissapointed at the same time as you play this game.

    I really don’t recoment anyone to waste your time on that “admin for Gold” manipulative game.

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