Torpia Review

Game Site: www.torpia.com
Developer: Webgamic

Torpia is an interestng take on the medievel themed OSG launched in February of 2009. Players have the choice between two “races”, Good and Evil. Good players will focus on producing goods which they will trade with Evil players in exchange for protection. Players will have to cooperate with each other to be successful in the game.

There are three main resources: Food, Wood, and Stone. Good players can also produce Iron and Gold which Evil players need to build military units. Good players cannot build any military units of their own.

Most of what a good player does is resource management and production, very much like Nile Online. The lumberhut constantly generates Wood. After building a Sawmill the player can turn the Wood into Timbers. After building a Weapon Smithy the player can use the Timbers and other resources to produce bows, swords, and such that the Evil players need for their military.

Evil players, on the otherhand, will need to have a Good player supplying them with weapons and will need to defend both himself and his Good allies.

This is a really interesting concept that forces cooperation between players. It also allows players to focus on whichever part of the game is more intersting to them. If a player is more interested in the military he can be evil and doesn’t have to worry as much about resource management. Players more interested in resources can do be Good and don’t have to worry about being raided all the time or keeping enough troops to defend themselves.

Of course, some players may see this as a downside, if they are looking for a more complex game. There is always something to do in Torpia, since you have to keep moving resources through the different stages of production, or have to maintain defense in a number of different cities, but I could see it becoming repetitive after a while.

The graphics aren’t brilliant, but they are clean and the UI is easy to navigate. Like Travian there’s an end-game with an Alliance having to create Good scrolls using Evil Amulets, so that definitely drives the competition.

All in all, this is definitely a game worth checking out if you’re looking for something new.


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